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Dogs need exercise...

Let us help you provide your dog with the stimulation they need for a healthy and active lifestyle.
And they don't like to be home-alone...
Dogs are highly sociable and love to walk and play in groups. Wherever possible, and safe to do so, we encourage dogs to be together to develop their social skills in a supervised, non-aggressive environment.
...Your Dog will look forward to walking with us!
Our walks include a mix of structured walking and fun playtime. We walk suitably matched dogs, in groups up to four, to encourage socialisation.
Regular walking improves your dog's walking on-the-lead behaviours.
Fully supervised playtime with other dogs will develop their social skills.
We will talk to you about your dog's individual needs. Once we have established consistent call-back, we are happy to offer off-lead walking.

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Regular walking reduces boredom whilst dogs are at home and reduces unwanted behaviours, often associated with isolation, such as barking, chewing and digging. Our walks are designed to expend your dogs energy, both mentally and physically, so they will want to sleep when they get home.
Our location in East Herts offers an endless variety of safe and widely different adventures, from open countryside and parklands to woodlands, country footpaths and bridle ways, providing continual mental stimulation. We walk in all seasons and all weathers too... summer or winter - sun, wind, rain or snow... We love it all!

Collection and drop-off is in comfort and safety travelling in specially converted vehicles, (see dog-taxi).

Upon return home, we will provide fresh water, any food/treats

We are fully insured and all staff are vetted with Police Disclosure Checks









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