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Our Working Protocols... The Rules

For your dog's health & safety, and ours,

we have just a few simple rules...

The safety and welfare of dogs in our care is always our primary concern.
Dog Walking: 
Dogs must be healthy and able to complete a one hour walk.
Dogs must wear an identity tag with current contact details.
Vaccinations, Flea and worming treatments must be up to date.
Dogs are walked on the lead, until reliable recall has been established. Owners must provide consent for off-lead walking.
We may return to lead walking at any time if recall needs further practice.
We always aim to walk in quiet locations to avoid disruption to/from other users.
We do not walk groups of more than 4 dogs at any one time.
Uncastrated male dogs over 9 months cannot be walked off-lead.
Bitches in season cannot be walked in groups.
We sometimes give treats as an aid with behavioural development. We will ask your preferences related to provision of treats.
We will make every effort to complete pre-booked walks regardless of the weather conditions.
We may, in extreme circumstances, shorten walks for safety purposes.
Walking time doesn't include time taken to collect, travel to walking location and return. Dogs may be in our care for several hours.
Dogs that are aggressive or continually behave in a manner that affects enjoyment of the walk for other dogs will be refused for group walking. (We may be able to help with development training to improve behavioural issues on a one-to-one basis).
In the event of injury, accident or other emergency, we will attend a suitable local veterinary practice. (This may not be your preferred vet).

Dangerous Dogs Act 1991    
We are not able to provide services for any dogs identified by the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.
We also do not provide services for Wolf hybrids

No arguing with... The Management!


"Although we quote an hour duration, this is a minimum.

Walks can sometimes take longer.

We also collect and drop-off dogs over a wide area, so your dog could be enjoying our care for several hours".

Prior to commencing any services, we will always attend a prior consultation meeting at the dogs home. This is to develop trust with your dog in an environment where they feel safe and comfortable. We will establish any specific requirements to ensure we provide you with the very best service.
We will ask you to complete a registration form prior to your first service, with contact details and health information.
If we cannot complete a pre-arranged service for any reason, we will inform you at the earliest opportunity. There is no charge for services we are unable to complete.
We operate a 24hr cancellation policy. Please advise us as soon as possible if you no longer require a pre-booked service. You may be charged if we attend your home for services which are not required.
We reserve the right to terminate services at any time, without prior notice.











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