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"Welcome to "Dogs Take The Lead",

...your first choice for all your professional dog walking needs..!"

"I treat every dog with the love and care that you would expect for your pet. It's not just walking, but a whole package that encompasses fun, exercise, mind stimulation and behavioural development."

"Dogs Take The Lead" is a new business, but you can rest assured that I have over 30 years of day-to-day experience in looking after domesticated animals of every shape and size, from the tiniest Russian hamsters to excitable thoroughbred horses."

"Dogs Take The Lead" focuses on providing an enjoyable learning experience. I actively encourage development of obedience training and improved walking behaviours whilst on the lead. I aim for you to notice a marked change in the way your dog behaves when you take him/her out for a walk after just a few walking sessions with me."

"I am located just to the North of Harlow, where I have ready access to unlimited open space, footpaths, bridle ways and parkland. My walks are never routine or boring, as the extensive variety provides something different for your dog to enjoy every day. ...Dogs that walk with me will want to have a sleep when they get home!"

"I focus on detail and providing the tailored service that you require. Every new customer receives a free home consultation visit, so that I can meet you and your dog to ensure that I understand your needs and am fully prepared to provide you with exactly the right services."

"Please don't hesitate to ask anything at all about my services. I want you to be totally comfortable and assured your pet is in good hands. There is no such thing as a "Silly Question!"

Caroline Marston  
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